Trainers Tom Burgess and Matt Tyler tell us what sets their Crowborough gym apart from the competition…

For a workout with a difference, Sweat-it in Crowborough offers hands-on personal training, designed to help members achieve their fitness goals in smaller, more intimate group sessions. The converted Plumyfeather Farm is run by trainers Tom Burgess and Matt Tyler, who together have realised their dream of running a premium business, while turning their clients’ into a reality.

“Sweat-it has progressed from outdoor circuit training, to small-group PT and coaching,” says Tom. “It’s evolved quite a lot, as we had to make the groups smaller in order to work as a premium service. We now run two groups of four, so that everyone gets a very consistent level of attention and exactly what they’re looking for, whoever they are, or whatever level they’re at.”

Focusing on a results-driven approach to health and fitness, Tom and Matt have grown Sweat-it’s customer base through their flexibility of service. New members are offered a 30-day free trial, seeing first-hand what’s on offer, while experiencing a more personalised development programme that’s based around their own personal needs and timetable.

“By working in two groups of four, we’ve set it up in a way where we can make sure that everyone’s getting the most out of their time, but also having fun at the same time,” Matt continues. “It’s a great little community, as everyone’s here for the same reason, and doing the same thing for an hour.”

Indeed, the social element is likewise a big part of what Tom and Matt do, as many customers have built new friendships and relationships along the way. By providing a regular social activity in a supportive environment, it’s not just about muscle gain or weight loss, but also being part of a nurturing, likeminded group of people.

“We want people to feel like they’re part of a community,” confirms Tom. “It’s about offering that personal touch and service, and giving people something social to look forward to in their week, outside of their busy work and family lives. It’s more than just a gym, as we want to turn something that’s often perceived as a chore into a hobby, and for people to enjoy and have fun with it.”

Whether it’s fitting into the perfect dress size, losing weight for a wedding or holiday, or reaching that next personal fitness milestone, everyone who walks through the door at Sweat-it is looking for something different. In their time, Tom and Matt have worked through everything from mental health issues to nutrition plans, and take tremendous pride in seeing people better themselves.

“Someone might get close to the initial goals that they’d set for themselves, but then realise that they’d also like to do other things while they’re here,” Matt explains. “All of a sudden, they’re moving on to other goals and reprioritising what they originally thought they were capable of. They open up and want to see what else is possible, which is really rewarding to see.”

Reinvestment into the gym, equipment and people they work with is likewise key, as both Tom and Matt are keen to deliver a better product that’s always improving. But perhaps more than anything else, Sweat-it is about encouraging people to show up, as no matter your level of fitness, you’re guaranteed to get moving.

“We want to create an environment that people will come and enjoy,” concludes Tom. “All you have to do is put your trainers on and turn up, and you’ll get what you want out of it. We’ll motivate, drive and point you in the right direction towards whatever you want to achieve, but we haven’t really got anything to sell; you’re the product, and we’ll teach you to become more independent, so that you leave feeling happy with what you’ve accomplished.”

“If you enjoy something, you find the time for it,” Matt adds. “We’re selling availability and flexibility, and giving people the tools that they need to go and do whatever they want, but actually, we want them to love it here, and to keep on coming back. We both want to sleep at night knowing that, for those 50 minutes, we’ve delivered on what we’ve promised.”