As a sponsor of this year’s School Soap Box Race, The Right Tuition Company (RTC) are immensley proud to play a small role in supporting this wholly awesome and worthwhile event. Their founder Arthur Ponsonby talks about their involvement.

Bringing schools together and making learning practical.
Significantly, we were drawn towards Nicole and her team’s fantastic objective of uniting West Kent schools via assigning the task, to each school’s Year 9 cohort, of manufacturing their own cart for this audacious, adreneline-fuelled race. Not only does this serve to bring schools together; however, it provides children, in particular, with some concrete evidence of how lessons in school can be made applicable to the practical, outside world. The complaint often heard, by pupils, is: when am I ever going to need to know that later in life? Well, this wonderful initiative brings mathematical, scientific and design & technology learning together in a very real and tangible way. By comparison, the complaint levelled by adults is: we used to be a country that made things! Events such as these serve to trigger an interest within children regarding design, engineering and manufacturing. Children are encouraged, from a young age, to become inspired and involved in such projects, thereby beginning what could be, quite feasibly, a voyage of discovery or even a career!

Local businesses uniting and leading the way.
One of the principal joys of running a local business is building proper relationships of substance throughout the local community. At first thought, one might not marry together an education company with a Public Relations firm. Nevertheless, the passion that we share with Chatty Hatter is our mutually-held delight of working with people; listening to and understanding their aspirations; as well as working creatively to unleash individuals’ full potential. This makes us a somewhat unassumimg, yet ideal match!

Introducing RTC.
The Right Tuition Company is an award-winning education business. We offer small-group classes to children, of all ages, at our four tuition centres across Kent. These are located in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Rochester and Sittingbourne.

We promote a traditional philosophy of education within our small-group learning environment. We are strictly non-computer-based. RTC’s mission is to make tutoring more broadly accessible to an ever-widening demographic. Our affordable model of supplementary learning, alongside our highly-qualified teachers, offers professional, well-structured academic support, in addition to providing parents with three, much-needed solutions: regular and thorough feedback (after each class and upon request), meticulous marking of work and guaranteeing personalised learning through brilliant, inspirational teaching within a small-group dynamic.

We are the 11+ specialists and have a proudly unique and successful approach to this contentious quiz. This is centred around teaching children, as opposed to ‘coaching’. RTC teaching is about a well-organised curriculum, exclusive learning materials and rigorous academic instruction; equipping children with genuine skills and knowledge that benefit them for the long term. In contrast, ‘coaching’ implies the short-term benefit of getting children to pass an exam, without any process of proper learning taking place.

Our expert, teacher-led classes are available to children from Year 1 through to preparation for GCSEs. We cover the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, as well as languages, including Mandarin and Latin. Whether it is confidence building, boosting skills and knowledge or exam preparation, our Ofsted registered organisation caters for all educational needs and enables children to realise their true potential and discover a love of learning.