Our team at Chatty Hatter could probably talk your ear off about marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you need to hear it all. When it comes to putting your business out into the world, there’s no ‘one size fits all’.

That’s where we stand out.

‘Chatty’ may be in the name, but we’re keen listeners too, and understanding how you want your brand to be perceived is key to figuring out the right fit for you. Don’t spend hours tearing every strand of hair out over some convoluted plan that even you can’t make sense out of!

What you need is a fresh perspective.

Strategizing for marketing and PR is a creative process – one that requires ideas to be bounced around, and an element of fluidity. There’s no definitive ‘bolt of lightning’ moment when one singular idea makes it all fall into place.

Sounds time consuming, right?

Take some of that time back by letting us turn your vision into a reality. We can give you the freedom to focus on other aspects of the business that require your attention – or you can finally take that much-deserved holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Speaking of dreams

We’re a small company that dreams big. Chatty Hatter is a boutique business that fully intends to never expand into some giant organisation. Being a tight-knit operation means you can really get to know the whole team.

We like to keep things personal

Forging strong partnerships with our clients is part of what makes our work so utterly fantastic. These sorts of relationships with like-minded individuals are a sure-fire way to guarantee the roaring success of a project.

As we love a good challenge

Strategizing shouldn’t be easy – a fool-proof campaign isn’t something that can be pulled from a hat with a wave of a wand – and we love meeting a project head on, unblinking. No matter the task, we react immediately, adapt quickly, and roll up our sleeves to deliver a flawless marketing campaign with all the trimmings that your business needs.

Because we’re the Chatty Hatters

And there’s not a marketing hat that we can’t wear for any business, industry or discipline. Integrating fresh ideas into what makes something sell is at the very core of what we do – and we love it.


Nicole Piesse Turner

Chatty Hatter’s fearless leader, who prides herself on being the chattiest of the Hatters, and a no-nonsense, straight-talking expert in her field.

Tanya Sena
Operations Director

The right-hand woman armed with a heavy-weight background in events, graphic design, the performing arts, and a unique eye for the creative.

Suzanne Howard
Production Manager

A master of the meticulous, Suzanne keeps Chatty Hatter running as a well-oiled machine should, and has never failed to miss a deadline.

Lisa Sinclair
Head of Finance

As an experienced chartered accountant, nothing is left to chance with Lisa at the helm, running all our financial affairs with skill and a smile.

Anna Robertshaw
PA to the MD

Our cool, calm & collected girl Friday, who organises the team and who we count on to get things done!


Nicola Withers

A lover of all things wordy and a serial apostrophe corrector, Nicola likes nothing more than getting to know businesses and telling their stories to the world.